Benefit of Coconut Oil An Osphena Review

Osphena review touts the benefit of coconut oil as a natural lubricant alternative for female dryness and a great choice for the kitchen as well.

Osphena review- the female problem

Many women of all ages have to deal with vaginal dryness from time to time, but typically the real problem most women have with this is during and after menopause.  For menopausal women, it’s called vaginal atrophy, which is the thinning of the lining and vaginal walls.  Vaginal dryness typically results in pain during sex.

Painful intimacy is a medical condition called dyspareunia, also now being pegged as the “hush ailment” or “quiet disease”, since most women prefer not to discuss the subject of pain during sex with their doctors.  While Osphena solves this problem by improving blood flow and strengthening the tissue and walls of the vaginal area, you have to take it for an extended period to get those results.  Check with your doctor to see if you are a candidate for this FDA approved drug.

Osphena review-recommendations for the benefits of coconut oil

As seen on a recent episode of Dr. Oz on the subject of Osphena, both of these professionals: Sex and Relationship Expert Dr. Laura Berhman Phd. and ABC News Senior Medical Contributor and OBGY Dr. Jennifer Ashton, are both fans and just love virgin coconut oil as a natural alternative for women to use to alleviate pain during sex from vaginal atrophy or dryness. Dr Berhman says the benefits of coconut oil are a wonderful, completely natural lubricant.  She not only uses it as a full body moisturizer, she also cooks with it and it’s great as a natural female lubricant and has no side effects, only healthy properties.  So, if you suffer from vaginal dryness, why not try this natural lubricant.

Before we go on to complete our article on alternatives for female dryness, we need to look a little further into the benefit of coconut oil that can be consumed as well.  There are plenty of places online that say this oil is the best recommendation for oils used in cooking.  So, now you can keep it in the kitchen for cooking, in the bathroom for a body lubricant and in the bedroom to help with vaginal dryness as well.  We call that a triple play.

Osphena reviews addtional lubricants

Gone are the days of only three local TV channels and only one female lubricant.  While KY Jelly sat in the bed side tables in the homes of millions of Americans, times have changes and alternatives are endless.  Here is just a short listing of some additional popular natural lubricant products available online or in your drug store without prescription:

Yes: Water-Based and Oil-Based Intimate Lubricants have been created from plant-based ingredients that are pure, soothing and balancing and free from chemicals, parapens and hormone mimics. The water-based product contains ingredients such as flax extract and guar gum to ensure it feels as close to a woman’s natural lubrication as possible. The oil-based version boasts organic plant oils, butters and beeswax, and can also be used as massage oil.

Arkopharma Phyto Soya Vaginal Gel: Because vaginal dryness is caused by reduced estrogen levels during and after the menopause, products that mimic the female hormone can hold the answer. This intimate gel is rich in soya isoflavones: natural plant phytoestrogens, which are comparable to oestrogen-to lubricate and rehydrate the vaginal tissue.

Higher Nature V Gel: Another organic option, V Gel’s main active ingredient is aloe vera, which gently nourishes dry, sensitive vaginal skin to leave it feeling soft and moist. The gel also helps encourage the production of natural moisture to enhance intimacy and pleasure.

Liquid Silk – Favored by many post-menopausal women. Better for women as vaginal lubrication than it is for men.

Carrageenan – The first 100% natural personal lubricant formulated to support women’s health and wellness with additional benefits far and above the relief of vaginal dryness. It’s the only all natural lubricant that actually works. It has no smell or bitter taste.

Replens –  A unique, estrogen-free and long-lasting vaginal moisturizer.  With regular use, Replens provides continuous vaginal moisture for most women.

Astroglide –  It does make things slide better according to some women. They also say it works better on toys as well.

OH! Warming Lubricant –Is a makes a product that can help fuel intimacy in a gentle, sensual way while providing natural lubrication.”

Always consult with your physician before changing or using any products for the first time.